Welcome to my party! Or not…

Planning for the greatest party ever? The date, venue, and theme are all set. You start outlining the guest list. Sure! You would like to see all your friends there. Now, think again. And pay extra attention to the little details like in any well-planned party.

Not 100% sure

It is really quick and easy to use Facebook Events for any kind of an invitation. Yet, it is not fully reliable, nor watertight, unfortunately. After sending out an invitation to some 50 people, I accidentally found that a few of my friends only saw the original invite coming in. And, later on the event invite had disappeared (somewhere in facebookspace…). How embarrassing! One friend thought I had cancelled the party, another one forgot about it as it did not appear on her listing of events.

I only hope that I managed to gather the missing herd and, moreover, that no-one thought that I had deliberately chosen to uninvite them. It did feel comforting to find out later on, that I am not the only host/hostess involved in a disappearing-facebook-invite -gate.

Expect the unexpected

What is so fun with parties and events is that they are full of possibilities. Anything can – and will – happen. So, expect the unexpected and beware of the consequences.

A small-scale birthday party attracted some 30 000 people to Haren, Holland. A sweet sixteenth birthday party turned in to a riot as the birthday girl had not set her Facebook event to “private”. Ooops!

Earlier this week, a group of youngsters got fined for sending out a public invitation to a botellón picnic in Turku, Finland. The event had attracted some 3 000 people causing public disturbances and a huge costs for the city of Turku for cleaning up the park after the botellón.

Lucky me, I have managed to keep my private parties private and by invitation only.

There is hope – always!

I would like to end with a positive note about a positive event.

Maalaistentori, a pop-up Farmer’s Market, was held last week in Helsinki. Even though the farmers market was organized on a voluntary basis, the invitation process was managed well. Guests – who were originally only a tiny group of the organizers – were allowed to invite friends to the public event. And in the course of less than two weeks, and with a little help from the traditional media coverage and Twitter, the event turned out to be a huge success.

Talk about a genuine snowball effect.

Moral of these stories?

Decide how much leeway you allow to your friends, especially when you’re writing the invite via Facebook Events. Well, first think again if you indeed want to make your invitation public. But, if you want attention – to your business or any other cause – do make your event or posting public by no means. And allow guests invite more guests.

With these different experiences in mind, I have decided what to do with my next, the most memorable party. I will design and print fancy invitation cards, snail mail them in an envelope with a handwritten addressee and theme-suiting stamp on top. Remember this old-fashioned way?

True, I am only on my way to becoming a diginative. But, I just love a good party!

Hey, put a smile on your face. Things are coming your way … Friday! Thank God It’s Friday!  ( Love & Kisses – Thank God It’s Friday)

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